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The infrared sauna /IR cabin/ radiates only В and С rays from the sunlight spectrum and they penetrate in depth via the lymph flow and blood circulation stimulating natural healing processes. There is a good reason for the wide application of B and C rays in a number of physical therapy procedures for restoration of tissues and muscles and joint strengthening. The synergic impact of enhanced blood circulation, detoxication from sweating and the lymph flow change the consistency of cellulite depots, which makes the therapy extremely effective when making up anti-cellulite treatment programs. The temperature in the IR cabin is quite lower than that in the sauna, which makes the IR cabin suitable even for people with higher blood pressure and heart disorders.

Price for 1 visit - BGN 10.00

No time limitation.

Card for 10 visits - BGN 80.00


Парна кабина с хамам


The steam cabin is a true SPA procedure due to the impact of water in the form of steam, enhanced by the most modern technology of aromatherapy and colour therapy.
This procedure provides warming and moisturizing of your organism, which improves blood circulation and hence leads to better nutrition, detoxication and hydration of the skin.
Aromatherapy and colour therapy have respiratory and receptor effects, thus improving your mood; your organism begins to synthesize more endorphins, and the condition of the immune system is improved as a result.
The outcome is shining complexion accompanied by spiritual and physical homeostasis /a condition of equilibrium of organs and systems in the human organism/.

1 Price for 1 visit - BGN 10.00

No time limitation.

Card for 10 visits - BGN 80.00




Finnish sauna has already become quite popular even at our geographical latitude. Those who already have established a tradition in using sauna would not need a lot of explanations about its effects.
For those of you just starting - this is a wonderful detoxifying and relaxing impact and good start for following procedures.
Our personnel will give you useful advice on sauna indications and contraindications according to your individual health status and emotional condition.


1 Price for 1 visit - BGN 10.00

* No time limitation.

2 Card for 10 visits - BGN 80.00

In order to avoid the inconvenience of group visits with different preferences as to temperature and humidity - we will ensure individual stay or visiting the sauna with an accompanying person according to your wishes!



Turkish bath

Turkish bath is an authentic ritual combining traditional oriental sciences of bodily and spiritual purity with contemporary visions of Spa and Wellness culture - purification, restoration and relax. In addition to reminding us of the extravagance of the Orient, this therapy also has an exclusive effect on physical and mental fatigue, through the synergic impact of steam, heat, water and massage, complemented by relaxing music, shaded light, natural soap fragrances and oil scents. The procedure begins with staying in the steam cabin to warm the body and prepare for the following stage, peeling with a silk mitten, which ends on a pleasantly warmed plate /bed/. Then comes a wrapping into fluffy foam of natural soaps for the relaxing massage.
As a true SPA ritual the Turkish bath is a basic element of the greater part of SPA and relax therapies offered by Blyasak Relax Center so that you can enjoy the magical spirit of the Orient!


1Tradirional Turkish Bath (70 minutes) - BGN 80.00

2Zephyr Therapy (40 minutes) - BGN 60.00


SPA and Relax therapies

Relax procedures to help you restore your spiritual harmony counteracting the daily stress of urban life.
Dive into the relaxing and SPA procedures in the center of the capital city. charge yourselves with energy even when you are not able to leave the city.

Wellness for You. Wellness – gift for all your friends.
Is there a better gift than a gift fort the soul?


1 "Aroma perfection" SPA Therapy /steam cabin, exfoliation, aroma massage/ - 100 min. - BGN 95.00

2 "Cleopatra" Therapy - /performed in the hammam room on heated plate; thermal zone; peeling with honey; massage and mud mask; washing and massage with foam; ending with massage with attar of roses/ - 120 min. - BGN 199.00

3 "Ritual" Therapy /peeling with coffee on four hands; massage with medical mud on four hands; washing and massage with foam on four hands/ - 100 min. - BGN 180.00

4 "Chocolate" Therapy /IR-cabin, peeling, massage-mask(body wrapping), cream massages, including the face, rest with a drink/ – 90 min. – BGN 88.00

5 "Detox" Therapy  /steam cabin, exfoliation, mud mask, hydrating cream/ – 70 min. – BGN 84.00

6 "She and He" SPA Therapy /sauna; peeling with coffee for him; peeling with honey for her; aroma-massage for her; classical massage for him; moisturizing mask for her; reflexotherapy for him; wine and fruits/ – 130 min. – BGN 259.00

7 "Relax" SPA ritual /steam cabin, soap massage, mask-massages, relax rest, including zone massage with facial SPA therapy/ – 100 min. – BGN 118.00

8 "Iris" SPA therapy /IR cabin, SPA therapy of the face in combination with a SPA therapy of the hands/feet/ – 60 min. - BGN 90.00

9 "Hot Stone" SPA therapy /Massage with volcanic stones or the so-called "geothermal SPA therapy" whose aim is to achieve a balance between human body energy and the energy of nature. This is a non-conventional therapy with both internal and external influence on the organism through sensing and touching./ – 110 min. – BGN 117.00

10 Traditional Turkish Bath - 60 min. - BGN 80.00

11 "Zehir" Therapy /IR-cabin, massage with foam/ - 40 min. - BGN 48.00

12„Orient” Therapy /steam cabin, exfoliation(mitten), massage with foam, aroma massage/ – 130 min. – BGN 124.00

13"Sultan's package" Therapy /steam cabin, exfoliation (mitten), massage with foam, facial and body mask, massage with moisturizing cream/ – 120 min. – BGN 139.00

14"Pleasure for two" Therapy /steam cabin with colour therapy, aroma massage for him and for her, sauna combined with aroma therapy, champagne and fruits served in a romantic setting. – 150 min. – BGN 160.00