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Cleaning of the face and peeling

Face cleansing:

1 Cleansing of the face and hydrating therapy /vaporization, ultrasound cleansing and extraction, 2 masks, serum and essential oils, toner and cream/ - BGN 68.00

2 Cleansing of the face with sebum regulating products /2 masks, ultrasound cleansing and extraction, serum and cream/ - BGN 56.00

3 Exfoliation, serum, massages and mask - BGN 50.00

4 Peeling and face massage - BGN 45.00

5 Therapy for healing of acne, closed comedones and large pores with medical cosmetics REJUVI which includes parallel extraction with medical peeling from combined acids and antibacterial ingredients - BGN 65.00

6 Dermatological face cleaning to increased secretion of sebum and acne, without manual extraction with dermatological products Derma ceutic - BGN 70.00

Peeling therapies

7 Guaranteed good results upon hydration, rejuvenation, pigmentation, wide pores and acne. Depending on the product and the purpose of the final result - BGN 75.00

8 Liquid nitrogen - removal of warts, papillomas, flat juvenile warts, etc. /consultation with a dermatologist if necessary/ - BGN 25.00 - 35.00

9 Removal of cholesterol bags around the eyes /depending on their number/ - BGN 60.00

In therapies with intensity required over time and number of procedures, a preliminary consultation will be necessary to clarify the results expected and specify the price.