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Cosmetic facial treatments with products Biodroga

Puran Beauty Treatment - 80 min. - BGN 75.00
Cleansing without extraction, for large pores and impure skin. This treatment sustainable improves the appearance, leaving clear and clean complexion.

Compact Moisturizing Treatment - 60 min. - BGN 65.00
Deep moisturizing treatment, suitable for every season and every skin type, as prevention against the negative environmental impact.

Firming Cell Treatment - 60 min. - BGN 85.00
Anti aging products and the combination of three massages work together to bring the skin in top shape. The active ingredients are selected to act as a source of youth for skin, perfectly combined with the mask with a lifting effect. ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE brings instant peace, supported by VITALIS deep tissue massage and subsequent EFFLEURAGE.

Golden Caviar Treatment - 90 min. - BGN 90.00
Luxury therapy for the ladies / 50+ /. The extracts of black caviar and extracts containing a high concentration of fatty acids, support a metabolite of the cells. Visibly smoothing wrinkles and increase density of the skin.

Oxygen Beauty Treatment - 60 min. - BGN 70.00
The pale skin becomes fresh and with ruddy appearance with this therapy.

Repair+Cell Protection Treatment - 60 min. - BGN 85.00
This therapy provides effective support of the light-stressed skin and prevent the visible effects of UV damages.

Age Performance Treatment - 90 min. - BGN 120.00
An extraordinary wellness treatment for demanding skin, providing an unrivaled experience and maximum luxury skin care.

Algae Matrix Beauty Treatment - 60 min. - BGN 65.00
This therapy providing intense hydration. Suitable for all ages and all skin types, especially for those sensitive to oils.

Sensitive Formula 60 min. - BGN 80.00

Men Sensation70 min. - BGN 75.00

Eye Zone Refreshing Treatment30 min. - BGN 30.00