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Massage is a passive method of kinesitherapy known from ancient times. Today it is applied both for relaxation and prophylactic and for the treatment of the body and soul.
Our personnel skills and experience combine the medical knowledge necessary /they are college graduates in massaging, holders of Bachelor's degrees from the Y.Filaretova Medical College of Sofia and Master's degrees in Medical Rehabilitation after nervous system and locomotor system diseases from the Kl.Ohridski University of Sofia/, and they also are experience in ancient and non-conventional philosophies of ancient peoples, such as reiki and yoga, which contributes to achieving perfect ultimate results by a unity of body and soul.

Classical massage of the whole body. Price - 1 hour - BGN 55.

2 Partial classical massage. Price for 30 min. - BGN 30.

3 Aroma massage, 60 min. - BGN 60.

If you buy a card for 10 sessions - 20% discount.

Card for 5 sessions - 20% discount.

The impact of classical massage can be enhanced by essential oils